Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon making cookies (of course) and thought to myself, I need to blog. Its become sort of a thing where I love the outlet and love posting pictures. I didn't think I would be very into blogging but I love it! I'm sure there are people that don't really care or care to see pictures, but I am doing it anyway! :) haha These are mostly for family or friends that want to know what we are up to, besides us being home sick of course ;) Just a fact: We love our family and friends. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives. Yep, thats right!
Anyways, this week has been quite fun. We of course had our movie nights where we stay in and cuddle and watch movies :) (my favorite) and then the times where we have actually gone out and tried new things.

On Monday we were invited by a couple in our ward to join them in with their FHE and go ice skating in DC. We of course thought that would be awesome (we haven't ice skated together before). It was in the sculpture gardens along the National Mall and little did I know it was RIGHT in front of my work building! haha I had no idea.. CRAZy. Then we got some Hot Chocolate and had a little lesson to top of the evening.
These were some of the ..different... sculptures at the sculpture gardens

attractive, right? haha

On Friday, Curtis came and picked me up from lunch and we went to the Museum and toured that. They normally close really early which is why we had to go on my lunch break and Curtis starts two internships this week so we thought this may be our only chance for a while. It was really neat seeing them print all of the money. So crazy! We got to see the New design of the $100 dollar bill. It is colorful! It will be really neat!

The new $100!


Then last night Curtis asked me on a date to go to the movies! lol :) I was really excited because we haven't been to the movie theaters since before we got married! We actually bought movie tickets one night when we first moved here and they were expensive. So while we walked around waiting for the movie to let us in we decided that we would rather not spend the money and just go watch a movie at our apartment. (Lame I know) lol but we saved money! haha I don't even know what movie I saw last. So ANYWAYs I heard of a movie theater here that is sort of like the dollar theaters except for its like 4 dollars a person (still a lot cheaper than normal) so we decided to check it out. It was so much fun going and seeing a movie with Curtis. It reminded me of when we were dating! (cheesy I know)
Date Night!... and yes that is our coat closet behind us... 

He spoiled me this weekend and actually saw a movie that he didn't want to see at all, but I had REALLY been wanting to see. Even though he didn't like the movie he still toughed it out. I love going to movie theaters!
Today is Sunday and it has been nice and low key. We ate fondue with some new friends (it was my first time having cheese fondue, exciting!) and played games and hung out. OH and it was my first Sunday in ward choir.. I really have missed singing!
Here are what the cookies looked like that I made today... Chocolate Peanut butter chip!! mmm.. they were good. I didn't even get the recipe on pinterest! I did it the old fashioned way! lol
... they may not look as good, but they are GOOD.

As I was slaving away in the kitchen, this is what Curtis was doing... ;) 

Anyways, it is late and I think we are probably going to head to bead now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Years resolutions

I have decided to start my new years resolutions and start them today, which is Sunday, which to me seems like the perfect day! (well better late then never, right? that seems to be my them.. haha) Maybe this will help me to keep all of them all year round.
Anyways, some I have been doing since the New Year but some I am going to be starting today. I guess this can also be my bucket list for the year. yeahh.. that sounds better

1. be better at getting back to people (ie, calling, texting, emailing or whatever)
2. Write in my journal once a week (at least)
3. read scriptures everyday
4. find service projects and do them
5. attend the temple once a month
6. read more books (at least one a month)
7. change my hair drastically (either color or cut)
8. No soda
9. be really frugal
10. Say my prayers everyday (morning and night)
11. eat and be healthy (not bake as much, snack on healthy things and not candy)
12. be more flexible
13. try new things
14. join the ward choir (ha ha yes I will be one of those)
15. write letters. I think its a beautiful way to keep in touch with someone
16. Only use facebook sparingly. I don't want to be addicted
17. learn a skill for a job (figure out what i can do)
18. No eating after 9pm
as i figure more out some may be added or what not so this is just my rough draft. I will show curtis so he will keep me in line and remind me if i may go astray.. ;) lol

Our first New Years together 2011

Our married life resolutions:
1. read scriptures everyday together
2. Pray everyday together
3. explore and do everything on our bucket list of the east coast
4. don't buy unnecessary things
5. Don't eat out (unless we have to, like if we are out of town)
6. Attend the temple once a month
7. FHE every week
8. going to bed earlier ie. start getting ready to get to bed at 10pm. (we like our sleep)

Okay this is good for now. This is alot of stuff to commit to but i know we can do it! I'm thinking if I am posting this on my blog I can keep looking back at it just in case i forget. Also, maybe it will help me to stick to them since they are out in the open.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Date Day at Fords Theater!

So today (yay i am actually caught up and can tell you what we did today!) Curtis planned a day date for us at the famous Fords Theater! I have always wanted to go because it is historic (and secretly because I have heard it was haunted)  and Curtis had always wanted to go as well. It was so neat walking through the theater and learning more about history and Abraham Lincoln's assasination. He was such a great president and it was too bad that it had to happen to him.
Here are some pictures of our day date. :) We took the metro and headed to the theater! It was super cold outside but worth it!
waiting for the train

This church was on the way to Fords Theater. It looked neat 

Abes face out of pennies

a quilt made. two of the squares had Abe Lincolns signature and  Ulysses S Grant 

This picture is made by the words of the Emancipation Proclamation. It was made in 1865!

 Right before you enter into the theater, they have a timeline of what Abraham Lincoln was doing throughout the day and what John Booth was doing throughout that day. As he was preparing the whole day, Lincoln was enjoying life.

The stage

some of the suites

The Presidential Suite that Lincoln was shot in

The original Picture of George Washington was put there to make the suite seem more presidential  

i <3 him

the actual gun that was used. towards the bottom of the picture is a replica of the actual bullet
Across the street from the theater is where Lincoln was taken after he was shot. It was a home of a close friend.

The room his wife waited in as he was in the room

the room where the executive branch operated while Lincoln in the next room

Behind us is the bed lincoln passed away in. Such a tragic story. 

Ford Theater was great even though I didn't catch any ghosts or anything.. :) lol
After that we came home and I have been cleaning and decided to update my blog while Curtis watches his Sports! It has been a nice day. Thank you for our date today curty!

a whole new year

Curtis and I started out our new years in New York! It was so much fun to be able to spend time with my sister, Allison and Brother in law Travis! They were in North Carolina for their Christmas so on their way home they stayed a night here in DC with us then left the next day to New York with them. Allison had been hired to do hair and makeup for a bride and her wedding party on New Years Eve. (It was for about 12 people) Alli had a friend who does make up so she came with us to this wedding. I am deciding if I want to go to school to be an esthetician so I thought I could be their intern and help with whatever they needed. Alli and Jen did such an amazing job with all of their hair and makeup! It was a blast!  The wedding reception looked beautiful!
After that crazy fun day, we were able to come home before midnight and spent it just relaxing with our hubby's. 
Thank you alli and travi for letting us stay with you guys! 

This New Year has started out so far to be very interesting for us. Things keep being added to the mix of craziness so it makes us wonder what this year will have in store for us. I am grateful that I married such a wonderful guy to figure things out with. I am grateful that we are able to go through this crazy, wonderful, roller coaster life together :) 
Here are some pictures of New York!

Alli and the Bride

The reception was held in an old Greek Church

Alli, Jen and I 

The Outside of the Church
So as I was taking pictures of the outside of this Greek Church (it was old and neat looking), I captured this next picture which seems to look like .. maybe a ghost? That's what us girls all thought, you can look at it yourself. Its kind of crazy! (speaking of crazy, when I tried showing Curtis he just thinks i'm crazy.. lol jk) But seriously, look at this pic!

Can you see it? 
Anyways, here are some pictures of the famous first Macy's Department Store!!!!! 
We of course had to see that while we were in New York. We were a little bummed that we didn't see it at night because it looked like they had lights (for christmas) all decorated. 
It was amazing though, this macy's has 9 floors!! Thats right, 9!!
This is a really cool shot that Curtis took. 

The famous macy's windows!

So these two pictures are from the very 1st floor of Macy's. They have decorated it so extravagantly! It just made me so happy to see all of the christmas spirit there (and because i love shopping of course) haha

They had windows of Miracle on 34th Street where the line for Santa is. 

Unfortunately we got there after Christmas so we missed Santa! But apparently he gets back in November, so we will just have to go again to see him I guess. 

I believe its the 7th floor where we got this delicious chocolate filled croissant. mmmmm

Level 8!

The very last floor. Number 9!
It was interesting, as you got closer to the 9th floor the escalators were older and became alot more narrow. There wasn't too much on the 9th floor but we had to at least say we went to the 9th floor. So there you go!

us on the bus back which i had to post because the guy behind us is creepin in this picture

That basically concludes our trip! We hopped on a bus after the Macy's extravaganza and headed back to DC. 
Okay, awesome.