Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 3 and 4

Day 3 consisted of this:
doing a temple session in the morning in nauvoo
going into the different old museum buildings in nauvoo


getting lost


going to carthage jail (it is so neat and emotional)

driving more.. i have a video of him keeping himself entertained, talking with people on the phone in an accent to keep himself awake. haha

and our last stop that night was in Ann Arbor, MI to stay with the wonderful Diamonds!
Colby, Diane, and their cute little son Jack were so sweet to let us stay with them a couple of nights and let us have fun with them. Michigan was really beautiful where they live! I actually really liked it there, which suprised me! ha ha

Day 4 was so much fun. Diane has recently gotten hooked to secondhand shopping and looking for treasures to revamp.. we all went that morning and i was loving it. The boys went to the Michigan State football game (Curtis was SO excited for this game and to go with Colby. It made him so happy to go!) and Diane, her little boy Jack, her friend, and I went and did some more shopping at secondhand stores and we sure found some treasures! I got a beautiful coffee table which is red (pictures to come) for only $10! I was so excited. Diane got so many great treasures like.. a toddler rocking chair, a cabinet thing, a head board and a few other things! I think i now have that bug thanks to her, but i have yet to find a place like that here... i will keep you updated. lol
We then went to Colby's school campus and had a picnic there. We then went to a cedar mills sort of thing and played on and in a giant haystack that they have for kids, and we ate the most delicious cinnamin apple cider donuts and fresh apple cider... mmm they were so good..  I still am craving those donuts. haha
We watched a movie that night (the boys stayed awake, us girls were too tired)
It was such a great day! We enjoyed every minute there, we can't wait for them to come visit us now!
Here are some fun pics..

This is their super cute little boy Jack. He is such a stud! We wanted to take him home with us!

The haystack at the Cider Mills: Diane and Colby

The scrumptious donuts

so much fun!

We left early the next morning (day 5) which will be my next post :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 2!

After staying overnight in exciting Nebraska we were on our way again, bright and early. We drove through the rest of Nebraska, Iowa, and our last stop for the day.... Nauvoo, Illinios! I had never been there before, and Curtis had been when he was younger, so we were really excited.

Little funny side story, on our way driving (in the middle of nowhere Iowa, I don't know which little town we were in) we saw a sign that said 'American Gothic House 1 mile'. I love haunted things, and it sounded like it was something scary so I looked at Curtis and said we had to go see what it was. After going out of our way, following the signs that said 'American Gothic House' and driving through these skinny streets with our big truck , the anticipation was climbing. I was so excited. As soon as we arrived, much to our suprise, this is what we saw.. 

The thin streets we drove through to get there....

So we yet to find out what the Gothic House Center really is. It was closed when we drove by. It didn't look too exciting though. We were a little dissappointed.


 We ended up getting to Nauvoo around 6 that night. We got there right after all of the shops and buildings had closed so we just drove around that night and got out and walked around the historic city of Nauvoo and the Nauvoo temple. It sure was beautiful!! Here are some pics from that night.

We were able to do a session at this temple early the next morning and they gave us a little tour of the baptismal font! It was so neat!

That night Curtis got us a little cabin hotel to stay in. It was so adorable! Actual pioneer families stayed in them back in the day and they have about 6 or so of them on this lot that you are able to stay on. Here are some pictures of our Cabin. It was the Van Fleet's Family cabin. They give you a little book with a couple pages about that family. We never read it because Curtis thought it would be creepy to read about them. (I agreed). LOL

 That concludes our day 2 adventure!! There will be more to come !!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sept. 28; DAY 1

goodbye utah. :(

I will post pictures of the wedding as soon as I get some more photos, but for now we will start out by when we left Utah. :( so sad.. We went through so many emotions when we left: sad, nervous, happy, excited, scared, and etc. The list goes on. We left about 7am on Wednesday the 28th. Sarah, Curtis sister, took this picture that morning. I don't know if you can tell, but we are pretty tired. LOL
Before we left we of course had to have our start out song which helped Curtis get pumped up to drive the 13 or so hours that day to Nebraska! So exciting...
We started our trek driving but also stopped to see Curtis' older sister and her daughter on our way. We woke them up so that we could see them before we left. :)

That first 13 hours was pretty brutal. I didn't do a very good job entertaining Curtis while he was driving because I kept falling asleep. Poor guy had missed a week of school so he was pretty behind in his classes (he is STILL trying to catch up from that missed week). Being the nice wife that I am, lol, I would read Curtis a super long article that he had to have read by when we got back. It was so hard for me to stay awake and read it for him. I told him that i needed breaks from reading it because it was making me tired and i would fall asleep. He didn't get that pleasure of falling asleep after because the poor guy had to drive. What a trooper.  Here are some pictures from day 1. :)

  These donuts were our good friends throughout the first day and second day. We ate almost all of them they were SO good.
 The space in between us was our organized snack mess.

I did, however, get the oppurtunity to drive for a little over an hour because he just wasn't going to make it. Let me tell you, I felt pretty powerful on the road in our monster vehicle. lol 

Here is a quick video of what the roads and scenery looked like for most of that first day... pretty exciting... :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

starting out..

So I decided to start a blog. I guess its about time to give in and join the amazing blogging world. I am excited to start this! I hope I am able to keep this up and write and update our lives for anyone who cares to read this. :)
Curtis and I just got married on Saturday, September 24, 2011. It has been a crazy whirlwind ever since! We were married on Saturday and started our trek to Arlington, VA on Wednesday the 28th. We packed up our moving truck, towed our car on the trailer, and headed out early that morning.
We met through a "blind date" which our friends Megan and Brandon Wilson set us up. Its crazy how this set up ended up like this, but we are blessed and are so happy :)
I will update you all with pictures and such of what we have been up to!