Sunday, March 25, 2012

6 months and counting!

So as of Yesterday, Curtis and I have been married for 6 whole months! It has gone by pretty quickly.. but at the same time, it feels like it has been forever (in a good way)... how is that possible??
Anyways, we had a fun date night yesterday and went and saw Hunger Games (amazing) and then went to Chili's (with one of the gift cards from our wedding!) and got some delicious food! It was such a great night!!
I am grateful for my husband! :) Here are some pics from last night.. (i only took 3 total pictures sadly.. )
he takes great pictures doesn't he? lol 

happy six months!

So forgive me in advance because this may be a long post which will involve a lot of pictures... because I haven't posted any in a while and updated for a bit. Yay for updates~! 

Okay so here are some pictures of what we have been up to. So here is the recap... :) 

Places and things we have done... also visitors! ... we LOVE having visitors!

Of course we had to see the Wizards VS Jimmers team (and so did all of the BYU alumni, there are surprisingly A LOT here)) lol

Curtis made me wear his shirt... :) haha

This is a cute quaint little museum/library in the Georgetown Area. We found it driving around randomly. 

This is the Turkish Embassy that we drove by. I had to get a picture since my step-mom is from Turkey.. Got to represent, of course! 

 This is the National Cathedral. It is pretty amazing and very very large. It was such a beautiful day that we were loving it out there!

Behind the Cathedral it looked like a little English Village like this. It was so cute and quaint! 

We have been able to see a couple people in our families who either stopped by or stayed with us in the past few weeks .. 

Our sister-in-law Lisa was in town visiting her brother and his wife about a month ago or something and they stopped by on their way to the airport and we were able to go eat at Cafe Rio with them! It was fun seeing all of them and the cute boys! 

He loves Curtis and the cookie monster hat Curtis wears! lol

Then Curtis Uncle Tony was here for work in DC and we met up with him when we were off work and went to dinner with him! It was so fun visiting with him and walking around the city with him.

The very next day Alli and Travis came to visit and we had such a blasty! It was fun having them over and we had a little St. Patricks Day party with ourselves. haha and made some yummy treats. 
They are gorgeous!

We are green! (st pattys of course)

The cute little M street in Georgetown. It is filled with cute little stores, shops, restaurants, and of course Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcakes (aka DC cupcakes) is on this street!

We HAD to get the green velvet cupcakes at Sprinkles of course!

We were then able to go to a session at the temple because our good friend, James, from our ward  out here is going on a mission and was able to go through for the first time! It was so neat.

Curtis and his close friend (more like little brother) James that we have met while we have been out here. 

The temple here is gorgeous! But of course, all temples are gorgeous.. this one just seems so majestic!

Right before they left.. so sad! We love you guys!

Okay, so anyways.. that is the past few weeks or so in a nutshell. Also, coming soon, Alli and I are going to be posting the things that we made while she was here but we may start a blog together..So stay tuned for that! We are excited. We made some things while she was here but we will be putting that stuff on a new blog. 
We are hoping to see the cherry blossoms here before they are gone, so as soon as we do we will be putting pictures of that. They are amazing looking! 
okay bye! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

TV fav's

Let me tell you about our current favorite TV series. 

We have LOTS of favorite tv shows that we have watched or are currently watching.  They are all very highly recommended from us so if you want to start watching some shows... 

"Friday Night Lights" -About a high school football team and drama of everyones life, so great! The casting was done so well. We are hooked! (sometimes we find ourselves having conversations with each other and relating things that happen or whatever to the characters... or we will randomly just say how bad we feel for Landrey, or Matt Sarecen, or how we love Coach Taylor and how he handles everything, and etc.) 

"Drop Dead Diva" -About a model girl who dies and is brought back in a heavier lawyer girls body. This is just a wholesome good show. I was hesitant to start watching it after Courtnie Himle recommended it, but I fell in love with it! (Lucky Fingernail!)

"Parenthood" -a realistic show about a fun family who goes through alot of usual family issues.  I love this whole family dynamic! There are characters that we like to try and relate to our own family's and we love seeing how they handle certain situations. Its like learning experiences! haha

"The Bachelor" (I usually have to force him to watch this one with me) This is basically just my guilty pleasure. I'm not too happy how this season is playing out though. The two final girls right now are really surprising. I am hoping that the rumors aren't true of the finale! 

"'Til Death" -A comedy sitcom about a couple that has been married over twenty years and their new neighbors are newlyweds. We like to watch this when we want a dumb funny show. Its funny though because we find ourselves relating to of things that go on with the couples. It makes us chuckle. 

"Storage Wars" - reality show where people bid on storage units. Its just kind of ridiculous, but hilarious. Its like antique roadshow in a way, but also is fun to see what surprises they find in the storage! 


We basically LOVE netflix. It will have some seasons of shows on that somehow we get hooked into. That looks like alot of shows... but its one of our favorite past times.