Sunday, August 12, 2012

MOM visit!

My mom came to visit us, too! It was so great having her here and see where we have been living for the past few months. It was also her first time out of the country (besides Canada). It was fun to experience that with her!

When we first picked her up we went straight to our next destination. We did stop at a sculpture garden on the way. It was really neat! 

 We loved having my mom with us!

Some silly faces in the bushes.

Then we continued on our drive and it was a holiday for Costa Rican's where they all walk to a certain church (depending on where you live) and then when you get there you pray all day. Its to celebrate the Virgin of Los Angeles, it is for Catholics. So we got caught behind all the walkers. It took us about an hour to get through the city. We drove by this with a statue and people were pretty emotional. They had music playing and everything. It was really neat/interesting to see

Then we finally got to our super nice hotel (thanks to my mom) and had to wear the robes of course! 


We went to La Fortuna and were able to be at a hotel near the Volcanoe Arenal. The hotel also included the hot springs which had over 26 pools of different temperatures of water, waterfalls, and it also had waterslides! It was a blast. We got into ever one of the pools. Just so we can say we did.

We were glowing!

pretty momma!

twinners again! The hotel had a helicopter pad!

The pool bar

                                                                   Bartender? haha

Gorgeous sunset with the volcanoe

This is Curtis going down the waterslide

                                            This is a picture of me going down the water slide

Another day we went ZIP LINING! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. We were up SO high. I wish I could have taken pictures of how neat it was.

 These are some pics we took as we were waiting for our zip line tour.

We are Special!! haha :) 

We zip lined to that waterfall! It was crazy! We were so nervous as we were waiting. We were able to go on 11 zip lines! It was great. 

We may look awkward but we wanted to show the waterfall in between us. 

My mom zip lining!

This is my mom's new boyfriend. He was one of the guides and they were like best friends by the time we left. He called her his girlfriend. It was hilarious! They also zip lined together a few times.

The waterfall behind Curtis

We had to cross a rickety bridge to get to our next one. 

 I am such a good photographer. I got both their pictures about the same spot! hahaa

calm and collected. He's so cool

Curtis made a friend with a cute little Puerto Rican boy. He would make jokes to me (Curtis would translate) and say that I would get stuck in the middle. I was so nervous!! They were just standing there chatting. It was so cute. Kandid photo!

Fresh coconut water!

The next morning we hiked to a waterfall near the zip line. It was pretty awesome.

This bridge was very scary and long. The drop was pretty far and it was rickety.

Us being scared

While me and my mom were being terrified, Curtis was off taking pictures of himself. ;)

This 'zip tie' is all that stands between us and a 60ft drop. Our lives hung in the balance! 

The waterfall!

 We love the picture on the right with the lady in the background.

My mom was brave and even got in the freezing cold water!

 The current was SO strong, but Curtis was able to swim up to it. It would immediately push you out of the way once you got in.

To watch this video you have to turn your head sideways. I am not sure how to flip it, sorry!

We went shopping in La Fortuna and lost Curtis for a few minutes. I went to look where he went and he was standing with this mannequin. The kids across the street and the people driving by were staring at him. He was standing there for probably 5 minutes. Or it just seemed that long! It was pretty funny. 

My mom and I got this delicious Pina Colada drinks. They were SO SO yummy! Curtis got a weird drink which had seeds in it. Up close they look like little fish eggs or something, as shown below. 

We hotel hopped and stayed at different ones every night. One hotel even had a Hot Tub inside of it! It was the only room available so we took it! haha It was awesome.

Of course we stopped to see the Crocodiles. We counted 46 that day! A new record! It was insane how many there were.
We also went to the beach and had such a good time. My mom has the pictures on her phone so I don't have any. We thought we lost my camera that day. We went back to the hotel and they had it in their lost and found with my purse! What a relief! I was so grateful they still had it.
Overall it was a very fun and adventurous little vacation! My mom sure got many battle wounds (thanks to slippery rocks, rapid waves, door stops, steep hikes, etc), but she powered through them and had a blast!
Mom we hope your neck/back/knee/wrist/ankle/toe and etc are feeling better now!