Saturday, February 18, 2012

Curtis and I have kept ourselves busy the past week or so. It was his birthday on Feb 11 and then we had Valentines Day of course! So we basically had 2 little parties (with just him and I) to celebrate. It was a little stressful  but also fun having both so close together!
His birthday was a BLAST. This is what our day consisted of.....

I decorated our little apartment and made him breakfast in bed

Isn't this plate SO cute?? My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law gave it to me at the shower :) Love it!
German pancakes.... our favorite!!!

isn't he so cute when he wakes up? :) precious

So of course, after the relaxing morning and watching a few episodes of our FAVORITE show 
'Friday Night Lights'
We then went to Dave N Busters for dinner and games! 
just in case your not sure what that place is, its sort of like an adult ChuckECheese (without the creepy animals and stuff walking around) 
There is people at the games just drinking their beers (or in our case, Dr Pepper) and having a good time. lol

He was so excited that he was singing the whole way there!

He is adorable in his new birthday shirt! 

whack a mole! first game of the night!

Curtis favorite game of the night

Then of course, one of my personal favorites, SKI BALL!!!

The game was so intense!

It was a good time. After we got home, it was already really late so I had him blow out a little cupcake (we were way too full for cake)

The next night (on Sunday) I had him blowout his for real birthday cake! 

Happy Birthday!!!

V-Day Lovin

On this day we both worked, so we just had a nice dinner and watched The Bachelor... (this time I didn't have to make him watch it, he said because he loves me so much, he would watch it with me that night, haha aw) 

It was my first time making chicken parmesan (its Curtis favorite and he still married me not knowing if I would be good at making it ;) ) and it turned out actually really good. (Better then I was expecting). Curtis says that it is the best one he has ever had. He LOVED it (or so he says..) but I normally am not a huge fan of it and I actually really liked it too! I was a little proud of myself ;) I wish I took pictures of the actual meal but thats okay.
I mixed a few different recipes together and its supposed to be not as fattening and it was actually alot easier then I was imagining! If you want the recipe, just let me know and I will post it or something.
Here is pics from our night

After we ate dinner, I was sitting on the couch and I heard the little mermaid song "kiss the girl" and he walks in with the rose in his mouth and started dancing with me. It was really funny but also SO cute.

This is the rose he got me, its beautiful! 

So when we were dating he always used to call me Laura Dear. (not cheesily, but more funnily.. i know those aren't words but they best describe it? haha) But anyways, I told him the other day that I realized he doesn't call me that anymore and I was sad. .. So I found this card on our bed and it made me smile :)

Favorite. Card. Ever. 

I seriously could not stop laughing!! "I love you a hole punch".... hahahjahahahaha I think its one of those cards that the more times you read it, the more funny it is.

That concludes our birthday valentine extravaganza!!

OH>... I almost forgot... When we were at DaveNBusters we went into one of the photo booths and did one of the options where it shows you what your future kid will look like. The people right before us in the booth had shown them having a kid which was like 3 or 4.. as funny as it was we just HAD to try it. It was too awesome to not pass up......
We requested that we wanted to see what our little girl would look like.....

Here was the result....

Needless to say, we will wait to have kids... ;)
hahahaha jk

We got a kick out of it.

Anyways that concludes it! Well, the pictures at least.
We have to go clean the church now so bye!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

if your happy and you know it

Wow, I cannot believe that it is already February! This year is already flying by.. Curtis birthday is Saturday and then Valentines Day is on Tuesday! ... exciting!!
The past few weeks we have done some fun things, and also relaxed alot because we both have been sick. no fun. Curtis is still sick so we have been taking it easy.
It has been cold here but no snow here. It snowed, or I should say Iced, here a few weeks ago but that is it.
Curtis is doing Two internships (he is very busy) and I am still working. Luckily our work building are really close to each other and we work at the same time. What a coincidence!
So here are some pictures of fun things we have done lately.
Curtis planned a day date for us to go to China town, I think it was two Saturdays ago. On Jan 28. After we walked and ate there, we went to the Portrait museum and that was pretty neat! Had a big variety of art things.
pretty sure people thought i was weird when i took this pic... lol

outside one of the chinese restaurants they make things like noodles right in front of you!

These were our Freaky Fortunes. Curtis is at the top and mine was at the bottom. CREEEPY.... it knows us

These pictures are in the very middle of the inside of the National Portrait Gallery. It was like an atrium with the building surrounding you...and the roof was awesome!

These were like waterfalls but the water just flowed evenly on the entire rectangle. They could be like little reflection pools if people weren't playing on them. The kids were having a good time... and so was Curtis. lol

Some scultpures

This picture was Pocahontas, it really is, too bad you can't see her face... lol

An amazing grand piano that i loved. 

My role model!! hahah (L cool J ... Laura cool Jenkins..)
We wanted to do cool poses by this amazing painting of LL cool J but there were people standing around watching us so we couldn't flash any gang signs. ;) haha

This art was really neat. It was the US outlined in lights then inside every state there were tv's that had videos going on representing each state. Like for Kansas they had Wizard of Oz playing. In Utah they just had, what looked like, a video of someone driving through Utah Dessert on a road trip or something. Not too exciting. haha

On our walk back to our car (which was pretty far away I might add) we decided to just have fun. We found all sorts of things...

My cute Lion

random art sculpture or something? 

So you can't really tell, but the sunset was SO beautiful. The colors in the sky were pink, purple, blue, orange... pictures never do them justice. 

We also went to The Whitehouse and went on a tour of it this last Saturday on the 4th. We were pretty excited. To go on a whitehouse tour you have to get it approved through your state legistlative and everything so you have it plan it a ways in advance. They don't let you take any pictures of the inside so we unfortunately don't have any of those. But we do have pictures of the outside! haha
Here are a couple from this last Saturday.

 The inside of the whitehouse was pretty amazing. We saw a couple of rooms but they were so extravagant and had so much history behind everything in each of the rooms. Each of the rooms had a name too ie: red room, green room, oval room... nothing crazy, but it was really neat!

Also, my mom sent me this picture. My cute nephew Ryan was baptized on Dec 24! Its been a little bit now, but its just so exciting! Congrats Ry, we are so proud of you!

Ryan, Jeff (my bro), and Kaleb

That concludes the pictures that I have. We also went to a fun superbowl party that our friends threw. It was a fun time, with Amazing food that they made from scratch and it all looked so pretty! ... I still keep thinking about the delicious red velvet cake they had... mmm 
I am so sad that I didn't take any pictures. Some of them did so I will have to try to track those down to post them. 
love you all!