Sunday, August 12, 2012


The past few weeks have been filled with some visitors! Yay!!
Sarah (my sister-in-law) and her friend Emilee came and visited us for a few days. We had so much fun with them. Curtis was so excited to be able to show his sister where he served his mission. We were able to go see a few things with them.
The black sand beach
About 2 hrs after we picked them up from the airport we drove to Manuel Antonio and stopped at this pretty black sand beach.

Right before our hike to the waterfall

They were such troopers! They had just arrived from the airport and we took them on a hike which was over 4 miles all together! We were all so gross and sweaty from the heat and humidity. 

A pretty black horse on the trail to the waterfall. It was a beautiful moment. It looked as if it was from a movie.

Before reaching the waterfall. We were exhausted.

The beautiful waterfall! It was so worth it!
Us girls in the water! It was FREEZING. 

Me and my boo

Little Mermaid moment!

My handsome husband

Curtis swimming

Above that waterfall was this waterfall, pretty powerful. 

Our view from our hotel that night. It was so amazing how we could see the ocean. We also had monkeys in the trees right by our balcony hopping from tree to tree. They were SO miniature and so cute. 

A HUGE iguana ran into a drain pipe, so Curtis stuck the camera into it try try to get a picture and this was the result. It looks kind of cool so I had to put it up on here.

This is one of the suites at the hotel. Its in an airplane! It's super expensive to stay in it. So we decided to just take a picture of the outside. Maybe one day.. haha

The monkeys at the beach. They were hilarious! They took some kids food and drink that was sitting by us at the beach and started eating it and threw it back when they were done. 

The monkeys face is priceless! So cute!! haha

All us girls in the over sized rear view mirror. 
Quick story: We asked the taxi driver to take us to the Mormon Temple and so he said okay and ended up taking us to the Jehova's Witness compound! We were like.. uh... its actually the LDS Mormon temple.. haha He was like OH okay, the really pretty one! We were like... yep! He was really nice!  

temple trip!! 

We loved having them over! It was so much fun and so nice having more girls around. More girls to help me gang up on Curtis. haha Just Kidding.. but seriously 

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