Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So I really meant to keep up with my blogging. I have all the intentions to update it more often, but time gets the best of me. I like it when I am constant with my blog and don't have to worry about updating a whole month or so worth! haha At least I am somewhat constant. That counts... right? Oh well.
We have done quite a bit since my last post and I hope to update as much as I can.
The past while in a nutshell:


We played pool with some other Interns at a Costa Rican bar and hung out

We like to go to the Intercontinental Hotel and swim and hot tub. Curtis gets access through the embassy. It is so nice and fancy! We feel rich when we go there. hahaha

We like to sport the robes outside. We are stylin! haha


Our bishop and his wife invited us to go hike to a waterfall one weekend. When we arrived (after about a 2 hr drive) it started pouring rain. So we decided to wait it out until it stopped. Here are some pictures as we waited. 

The clouds that came in

I taught Curtis how to braid my hair during our wait. He did pretty good!

 The hike:

a banana tree!!

The waterfall is a beautiful 300 ft waterfall which pours into an extinct volcano. 

our sweet bishop and his cute wife

superman! haha

Here is a little video of the waterfall!

The hike back up.. these were stairs that led to nowhere! haha

On our drive home, we saw these cute cows in this old building just hanging out. It was so adorable we had to stop and take a picture!

I was surprised to find out that there were still some celebrations here for the 4th. There are quite a few Americans that live/visit here during that time. At night they had sort of a fair at night with lots of fireworks, which we did go to! I LOVE fireworks so I was very excited to still be able to see them this summer. 

The morning started out by us going to the Irazu Volcano by bus. It took us about 3 hours to get there and when we first arrived it was covered with clouds! We were a little dissappointed to come all that way to not even see it. The bus didn't leave for a couple of hours afterwards and the clouds did move! It was pretty cool to see. 
on the bus (we are festive for the day)

Curtis walking in the fog

Me crawling on the fence. 

the crater

almost like a birds nest!

The water was so blue and pretty!

We were so glad that the clouds finally moved so we could enjoy the volcano!!

We then watched Independence Day (for the theme of the day) and then went and watched the fireworks.

They were so close to us. It was amazing.. and kind of scary. haha

We have had a couple of visitors the past few weeks and it was SO much fun! My next post will be about those adventures! 

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  1. Laura I love it!! its so beautiful!! You guys are so dang cute!!